No-one has ever accused Brant and the boys at Planet X of lacking a sense of humour; this morning they sent out this press release:

“There is only one story dominating the cycling world this week and that is the startling revelation that a former British Cycling champion and 6 time winner of the world’s hardest bike race the “Tour of the Peak” has after years of suspicions and accusations finally confessed to moping.

Mark Lovatt first shot to prominence in the early 90s and quicklyestablished hmself as one of the top riders of his generation, if not all time. His exploits are legendary and yet with his Yorkshire team mates Wayne Randle and twice British Champion John Tanner, the trio were known to insiders as the “miserable northerners” who dominated cycling in the UK for many years.

However the plot thickens when it emerges that both team management and sponsors were also involved in what can only be described as one of the saddest episodes in sporting history, a team and collective who failed to enjoy their cycling victories and moped their way through their decade at the top.

Lovatt himself still works at long time sponsor Planet X, and is still renowned for his deadpan sense of humour and dry wit. Even after his retirement from cycling he continues to mope.

Hope is emerging finally emerging however when Lovatt, after years of sarcasm and wry comments was finally caught smiling this morning.

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Excellent. And the bike is nice.

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